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    Special Education Announcement: Students who receive special education services in Maypearl ISD who do not perform satisfactorily on state assessments in 5th grade, 8th grade, or EOC must be awarded an ARD committee meeting prior to the second administration to develop an Accelerated Instruction Plan and consider the need for a second administration of the assessment. The committee may promote the student to the next grade level if the student has made sufficient progress in the measurable academic goals in the student’s IEP. If you have questions concerning these new guidelines per HB 657, please contact Jessica Winningham, Director of Special Education, at 972-435-1080.



    Special Education and Covid-19

    Every student with a disability is entitled to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) and is entitled to special education services based on their individualized education program (IEP). It may not be feasible, depending on the needs of the individual student, to adhere both to distancing guidelines and the criteria outlined in a specific IEP. Attempts to meet physical distancing guidelines should meet the needs of the individual child and may require creative solutions, often on a case-by-case basis. MISD acknowledges that students have had inconsistent behavior and academic expectations for the previous several months. Expectations and appropriate behavior should be explicitly and regularly retaught. 


    Masks, Sanitizing, and Social Distancing 

    Students with special needs may need specific training regarding wearing a mask, washing hands, and social distancing. Multiple strategies may be used to teach these routines. This may be especially difficult for our students with autism, intellectual disability, developmental delays, anxiety and/or those served in our self-contained settings. Teaching a new skill sometimes takes time, especially when a child has a disability. In the event that a child is unable to wear a mask, staff may consider additional sanitation and/or social distancing measures. For students with disabilities, this will require a great deal of individualization and different models by the teacher. 

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