• Online Enrollment & Registration
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q:  Is online enrollment and registration open to everyone in the district?
    A:  Yes, all returning students and students who are new to MISD are encouraged to enroll online now through August.


    Q: Can I just do registration like we've always done in August?
    A:  We are no longer supplying paper forms, but you are welcome to register online in the computer lab on campus in August for schedule pick up/Meet the Teacher night.  Please anticipate that there will be a wait as we will assist people on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Q: My student is a transfer student.  What do I need to do?
    A:  If your student is new to the district, be sure to complete the transfer paperwork available here (also available at the Administration office) and complete the online enrollment process.  If your student is a returning transfer student, complete the online registration process and be sure to complete the paperwork that will be mailed to you in mid-June to reenroll.  You will not need to submit proof of residence documentation, but please be sure to indicate on your form what school your student would be attending if they attended school within your home district. 


    Q:  My student will be new to MISD for 2018-2019.  When should I complete the enrollment information?
    A:  Please complete the online enrollment process prior to the first day of school so that your student can begin classes on the first day. 


    Q: I've never set up a Parent Portal account.  What should I do?
    A:  Once you click on the Parent Portal icon, click under "New txConnect User" to create an account.  Follow the steps to create your user name and password, and create/answer your security questions. Ask your student's campus secretary or email ejett@maypearlisd.org for your student's access code. Parent Portal is a great tool for tracking your student's grades, attendance, and Parent Portal allows you to update your contact information throughout the school year. 


    Q: When I log in to my Parent Portal account I don't have access to registration. What do I do?
    A: Contact Emily Jett at 972-435-1081 or ejett@maypearlisd.org to verify that the email address you are using for Parent Portal is the same email that we have listed for you in our database. 


    Q: What is FamilyID?  Why do I need to set up an account?
    A: FamilyID is an online registration tool that allows parents/guardians to sign forms electronically.  Expect to see it in use for permission slips and other types of forms in the future. The best part of FamilyID is that once you set up your account and complete your first registration form, you have the ability to auto populate future forms with your basic information, saving you time!


    Q: I've created my FamilyID account, now it is asking me for "Participant Information."  Is that my information or my student's?
    A:  Participant Information is your student's information.  


    Q: How do I know my registration is complete?
    A: You are done when you have finished all three steps  - Parent Portal, FamilyID, and submit all required paperwork, either by uploading it into FamilyID or by bringing it to the campus office.  


    Q: What if I don't want to upload my proof of residence, birth certificate, etc?
    A:  For fastest service, we recommended that you upload your documents into FamilyID.  We will also accept paper documents at schedule pick up/Meet the Teacher in August. 


    Q:  I see that in FamilyID for MMS and MHS there is an option for athletics registration.  Do I need to do that, too?
    A:  If your student in grades 7-12 plans to participate in athletics during the 2018-2019 school year, you must complete the registration in FamilyID.  There are forms that are required by the UIL, and not completing this information prior to the first practice may result in your student missing practice time until that information is complete.  


    Q: What if I need help?
    A: Contact Emily Jett at 972-435-1081 or ejett@maypearlisd.org for help and questions.