• Panther TALES
    (Traveling Automobile for Literacy and Education in Summer)

    Panther TALES, our summer mobile library and storytime, was launched in Summer 2018.  We checked out over 400 book titles!  All district students are welcome and encouraged to join in summer reading fun!  Simply sign up or just text us when we are out and about and we will meet you in your driveway with plenty of books to choose from.  Check out up to five books, and we will return the next week so you can turn them back in and check out new ones!  Want to know more?  Check out our FAQs below:

    Q:  How do I sign up to participate in Panther TALES?
    A:  We will send information home and post it on social media in the months before summer vacation.  All we need is a student name, grade, address, cell phone number and the list of book titles or genres your student enjoys.

    Q;  Can anyone participate in Panther TALES?
    A:  YES!  All students district-wide regardless of grade can participate.  We have plenty of books for high schoolers, and we've even checked books out to kids who are getting ready to start Kindergarten. Siblings are also welcome to participate, and we stock a lot of picture books!

    Q:  What kinds of books do you stock?  How do I know my child is reading on their level?  What are the requirements?
    A:  We stock all kinds of books: fiction, nonfiction, chapter books, picture books, books in Spanish...our books come form each campus library.  We allow kids to choose books that think they will enjoy without regard to reading levels.  This means that you can check out books for family storytimes, books that may be a little more challenging and may require some parent participation (I'll read a page, then you read a page), or books that siblings may read to each other.  There are no requirements to read within a certain level or to finish any books you choose.  It is summer reading and we want it to be FUN!  If you pick a book and don't finish it it is OK!  

    Q:  Do I have to turn the books back in at the end of every week?
    A:  No!  Sometimes the best books take longer to read.  Keep the books for as long as you need to.  Just let us know when we text you to say that we are on our way that you don't need us to stop.  We only ask that you return all books during the last week of service (the last week of July) so that we can get them back to our libraries and inventoried before school starts.

    Q:  How much does it cost?
    A:  Absolutely nothing!  It's a free service that MISD provides to students.

    Q:  We are busy over the summer and travel a lot.  Does it make sense to sign up if our schedule is unpredictable?
    A:  We serve students Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and which day of the week depends on where you live.  We will send a schedule prior to the first week of service.  We will text you before we go to your house so if you are out of town that day, just let us know and we will catch up with you the next week (or the next week!). 


    Click here to watch a video with more information about PantherTALES!