• Dear Parents or Guardian,


    I will be your child’s Government/Economics teacher this year.  In order to give all students in the classroom the educational opportunities they deserve, the following classroom rules and discipline plan will be in effect at all times.  


    When in the classroom, students must comply with the following rules:

    1. BE ON TIME – When the tardy bell rings, you are in your seat and ready for work.  Personal items should be put away. Phones will be put in a phone holder located at the front of the classroom.
    2. BE PREPARED – Each day you are expected to have your Chromebook, notebook/binder, notebook paper, pencil (with eraser), and any homework that is due.  To benefit fully from class discussions, homework needs to be completed and on time.
    3. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS – Be attentive so you can benefit from class discussions.  
    4. TALK APPROPRIATELY – Different activities mean different talking expectations.
    • During lesson explanation or independent practice, raise your hand to speak.
    • Remain silent when another student has been called on.
    • During group work, low talking is appropriate as long as it pertains to the lesson.
    • During tests, no talking is allowed until everything is turned in.
    1. STAY ON TASK – I expect you to be participating in whatever we are doing.  During class discussion, you have to be attentive.  During work, you will be working on an assignment.
    2. RESPECT OTHERS – Treat others as you would want to be treated.  We need to help those who need it and praise those who deserve it.
    3. FOLLOW STUDENT HANDBOOK RULES – All such rules apply in the classroom.  


    If a student breaks a rule or rules, the consequences are as follows: 


    If a student is severely disruptive or a repeat offender over a short period of time, he or she will be referred to the principal immediately.  


    Grading will be weighted as follows: 

    Major             60%

    Minor 40%

    *Please see attached test correction and professionalism policies.*


    Tutoring times will be at lunch Wednesday - Friday by appointment. Anyone is welcome to come to tutorials. 


    In order for these rules and discipline plans to have the greatest effect, I need the support of students and parents.  I expect us to have a productive year. My conference period is 7th period.  I welcome parent involvement and appreciate any chance to communicate about your child’s learning. Phone calls are also beneficial.  Please call (972-435-1020) and the office will transfer you to talk to me or to make an appointment for a meeting.  My email address is travis.marmon@maypearlisd.org.  Please discuss this letter with your child, and then sign one copy for my files, the other copy is yours to keep.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.



    Travis Marmon


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