Welcome to Fifth Grade

  • Social Studies Classroom Procedures



    Students are expected to always be prepared for class.  Each day students will need to bring their textbook, Social Studies folder, map colors, and notebook paper. 


    Composition Notebooks:

    Students will use these books for important maps, drawings and timelines.  These books will be kept in the classroom.  Students may take these home two days prior to a map test for study purposes.  It will be the student's responsibility to bring these back.  It will be difficult to work in class without them.





    Daily Grades: 60 ; Projects/Test: 40%  (Assignments over three days late will result in a Zero!)




    *Failing grades can be corrected for a passing grade of 70% on any daily grade or Unit Test.

    *There will be NO CORRECTIONS on any Map Test!  ( The students will always know about a map test well in advance and will be expected to be prepared for them.)  The students will always know what will be on the map test therefore there is no reason to not be prepared.



    There will be two projects this school year.


    State Float:  December

    Historical Figure Report: May

    * More details will be coming as due date of project approaches.


    Thank You,

    Mrs. Dillon