• Gate Bag Procedures

    Prior to at home athletic events (excluding scrimmages), the administration office will put together a gate bag to be used to collect money from the sale of admittance.  There are 4 forms along with the starting money in the gate bags; they are Athletic Gate Money Form, Athletic Payment forms for employees, MISD Pay Voucher for Game Officials, and W-9 forms.   

    The gate bag is to be picked up from the administration building prior to 3:30pm on the game day by the athletic director or a representative of the AD.  It will be logged out at the front desk. The bag needs to be in a locked compartment if left unattended for any amount of time.

    All bills twenty dollars and larger must be checked with a counterfeit detector pen at time of receipt.  The pen is provided in the bag and should remain in the bag at the conclusion of the event.

    The Athletic Gate Money Form is to be used to record the amount of money collected from admission.  This form will be partially filled by administration with the starting total dollars in the bag.  The gatekeeper should verify that they have the correct bag by confirming the date and athletic event at the top of the form.  At the conclusion of the event, the gatekeeper will count the money and fill in the form with the amount of total money after the game.  The athletic director will verify the accuracy of the bag count and sign off on the form.

    The Athletic Payment form for employees is to be used by Maypearl Independent School District employees who work at the athletic event.  These forms are to be used by the gatekeepers, clock/official scorebook keepers, or security.  The rates of payment for each duty per sport are on the form.  The employee needs to fill in the form and the athletic director needs to verify accuracy and sign off on the form.

    The Maypearl ISD Pay Voucher for Game Officials is to be used by game officials who work at the athletic event.  The form has rates of pay for the various duties.  The officials need to fill the form out entirely and provide a W-9 with the form.  The athletic director will verify the accuracy of the form and sign off.

    All forms should be placed back in the gate bag with the money and returned to the administration building by 10:00am the morning following the athletic event.   It will be logged in at the front desk. Administration employees will verify the bags contents.