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Deposits & Cash Accountability

Cash Accountability and Deposit Procedure

Please see the District's Cash Management Procedures displayed below.  

At receipt of monies for deposit to the school district, please fill out the CASH ACCOUNTABILITY AND DEPOSIT FORM.  This form has formulas built in to help with calculations.  Please fill in the number of each type of bill and coin and fill in the check list provided on the form.  The form will then calculate automatically.   

Please date the form at time of collection.  

Make sure to fill in the Deposit to Account space with the account code the money should be deposited to.  If you do not know the account code, that is fine, but put the name of the club or campus grade/organization for which the deposit is being collected.   

Please put the specific reason for the collection in the Fund Raiser/Activity space.  Examples are "t-shirts/hats," "field trip," "dance," etc.  

Please then print the filled form and sign. The form should be turned in with all collected monies to the campus secretary.  The campus secretary will then check the deposit and sign the deposit form and send the deposit on to administration.  At administration, it will once again be checked and the deposit form signed before the deposit is made to the bank.  

First page of the PDF file: 2021-Procedures-CashManagement