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Purchasing Procedures

To procure supplies, subscriptions, or services for the district, please use the following procedures. Any deviation from these procedures could result in non-payment by the district as all district purchases must have an approved purchase order. Employees placing orders without an approved PO may be financially responsible for the order.   Purchases can only be made from approved vendors in our system. If you are unsure of a vendor’s status, please check the current vendor list found on the Vendors page of the Maypearl ISD website. If you do not find the vendor on the vendor list, you may check to see if they are on Buyboard, TXMAS, TIPS, PACE or TCPN. These links are also on our website. For a vendor to be added to our approved list, they must go online to to complete the required information and submit it to the district.

For travel, field trips, or deposits for field trips a purchase order must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event and include information from the provider listing the event name, place, cost and dates. Please provide an original receipt or proof of attendance for field trips, conferences, etc. to your campus secretary after the event.

When ordering clothing (uniforms, warm ups, hoodies, etc.), red and white are the school colors.  Board policy requires 25% or less of black when purchasing such items.

Fill out a PURCHASE ORDER REQUEST FORM including all item numbers, quantities, accurate pricing from the vendor, quotes and shipping and handling charges.

After completing the purchase order request, submit to your department coordinator or the campus secretary. The principal will review and code the request. After gaining approval from the principal, the campus secretary will enter the request into TxEIS. The request will be evaluated and approved by the business manager at administration and assigned a purchase order number, printed and sent to the vendor for order. 

At no time should an order be made without an approved purchase order. In the event of an emergency purchase approved by the campus principal, an original receipt must be provided for reimbursement within 30 days of the purchase.  This should only happen for emergency purchases with prior approval. Receipts submitted for reimbursement after 30 days will be denied.

All deliveries will be made to central receiving at the administration office.  The items will be checked in and delivered to the appropriate campuses. When a subscription or online program for classroom use has been ordered, please notify the campus secretary when the service is received and available so the process can be completed with administration for payment.

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the steps above, please contact your campus secretary.