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Travel Guidelines

All travel and reimbursements must be approved by your campus principal or supervisor if no campus is assigned. Please use the EMPLOYEE EXPENSE REPORT form for all travel and reimbursements. This form should be filled and saved to your local drive. Once filled, please print, sign and submit for approval.  Once approved, please submit for a purchase order through your campus secretary.  

Advance payment may be requested for conference registration and/or lodging but must be submitted with payment support documentation in sufficient time for payment processing. Reimbursable expenses include mileage if a personal vehicle is used, meals, and registration fees paid by the employee, and sometimes lodging.  

The district has vehicles available for staff travel. You must check with the transportation department to see if a school vehicle is available for your trip; if not, you may use your personal vehicle and receive reimbursement based on the current Board approved amount per mile using the electronic mapping source You must provide a Vehicle Denial Form when requesting mileage reimbursement. Employees should share travel and lodging expenses when possible.

$85 per night per person *If multiple employees are attending the same conference, sharing a room is helpful and preferred when at all possible.  

Employee Allotment - Breakfast - $5.00, Lunch - $8.00, Dinner - $12.00
Student Allotment - Breakfast - $3.00, Lunch - $5.00, Dinner - $7.00
Meals will be reimbursed at actual cost minus tax  not to exceed $25 a day per employee and $15 a day per student.  
*If the hotel provides breakfast, then the district will not reimburse breakfast eaten somewhere else.
*If the conference provides a meal, then the district will not reimburse that meal that day if eaten elsewhere.  

$0.50 per mile
*Must provide Vehicle Denial Form and printed round trip driving directions from MapQuest starting from your campus to the conference to be reimbursed for mileage. *In-district travel may be reimbursable on approved cases. The In-District Travel Mileage Chart must be used to claim mileage between campuses.  

All receipts (itemized and card slips) must be turned in to administration within 30 days with an employee expense report form filled out.  If submitted after 30 days, the reimbursement will be denied. Please remember the district cannot reimburse taxes or tips.