•  Eric Janszen

    Greetings Panthers,

    What a great day to be a PANTHER!!!  Great things are happening in Texas schools, but specifically here in Maypearl.  We are showing continued improvement across many fronts.  Our academic progress, college readiness initiatives, and overall student participation levels are all up.  We have a solid staff in place with some of the best teachers, and coaches in the state working towards our student’s futures. 

    I cannot speak enough about the hard work that occurs day in and day out at Maypearl High School.  We look at students, not just as academic pupils, but also as the whole student.  Building well-rounded citizens who can think for themselves, take on life’s challenges, problem solve, and contribute in a meaningful way is the ultimate goal.  Today’s young people need to be prepared to lead our world through uncertain times in the future.  Forging long lasting relationships with the staff and each other, is one of the steps our students take on this journey of life.

    We also promote leadership amongst our student body on a daily basis.  Research shows that small town students are willing to compete, take risks in the learning process, and can stand toe to toe with students on the global job market.  As technology and workplace demands change daily, one thing stays the same, and that is that hard work pays off.  These are some of the things that the community of Maypearl, and Maypearl ISD prides itself in. 

    On behalf of the entire staff, and student body, I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with the young people of Maypearl in this endeavor.   

    It is a GREAT day to be PANTHER!

    Turn Up The Heat 


    Eric Janszen