• TxConnect Parent Portal

    TxConnect Parent Portal is a secure, internet-based website that will allow you to easily track your student’s attendance, grades, schedule, progress, and assignments. TxConnect Parent Portal will also allow you to subscribe to automatic email notifications for daily attendance information, and student grades (assignments and averages).  Here's how to sign up:

    1. Access the Parent Portal from the Maypearl ISD website: www.maypearlisd.org

    2. Click on the Parent Portal icon on the web page;

    3. Under "New txConnect User?" click "here" to create account;

    4. Follow the prompts to create a username, password and email address (you choose your username and password);

    5. Answer the security questions;

    6. Under "Add Students" enter your student's birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY) and the Portal ID (provided to you by your student's campus) and hit "Add" to add additional students and "Complete" when you are done:

    7. Go to the Alert tab to set your preferences for email alerts. When your student falls below the criteria you have set, you will get an email telling you that there is a TxConnect Alert. You will then need to log in for more information about the alert.


    Multiple users are allowed to sign up to view a student, so all parents/guardians can stay informed. Older students can sign up also to keep track of their own progress.

    The grading portion of TxConnect Parent Portal is not live and updates generally happen late each Thursday night so you will not see student grades update until then.

    If you have any questions or problems please contact your student's campus.