The Kirkpatrick Junior Counselor program is designed to build students' leadership skills while enhancing the collaborative atmosphere of our school. 
    KJC's are select 4th grade students who are to be the student leaders and ambassadors of the school.  Students must apply to be in the program and are then carefully screened by a committee comprised of the counselor, the 4th grade teachers, and the principal.  The KJC's are role models for other students and are expected to lead by example, demonstrating responsible behavior and good character.  These students must keep up with their grades and conduct in order to participate in the program.  They are expected to:
    - maintain at least an 80 average in all classes on their report card each grading period 
    - exhibit good conduct in all classes 
    - keep up with their class work and assignments while working as a KJC
    - show respect and courtesy to other students and adults 
    The KJC's work on a 3-strike program.  If there are three incidences of improper conduct or grade averages falling below an 80 in any class, a junior counselor will be let go from the program.
    Students who serve as Kirkpatrick Junior Counselors often choose to give up a portion of their lunch and/or recess time to complete their KJC tasks. They rarely miss class time and this only occurs if their work is complete.
    The Kirkpatrick Junior Counselors' responsibilities include:
    Mentoring - They serve as mentors for younger students who are having academic and/or behavioral issues.
    Promoting the monthly virtues - from Project Wisdom character education program
    Special Projects - They help plan and facilitate service learning projects.
    Student Support - KJC's are encouragers.... They recognize students in the school who are demonstrating acts of kindness.  They also periodically write notes of encouragement, called "KJC Grams", to students in all grade levels.