2023 Track and Field
    Coaching Staff:

    Head Coaches: Paulo Gonzalez and Debbie Boaz

    Assistant Coaches: Allex Hensel, Shawn Peach,

    James, Richardson, Vaughn Zwick, Jeremy Rich, Travis Marmon

    Athletic Director: Adam Olson


    Practice Schedule
    Junior High (Boys)
    Monday- 7:00am
    Tuesday- 7:45am Athletic Period
    Wednesday- 7:00am
    Thursday- 7:00am
    Friday- 7:45am Athletic Period
    Junior High (Girls)
    Monday- 7:30am
    Tuesday- 7:45 Athletic Period
    Wednesday- 7:30am
    Thursday- 7:30am
    Friday- 7:30am 
    High School (Boys & Girls)
    Monday- 2:50-3:35 (Field Events after School)
    Tuesday- 2:50-3:35 (Field Events after School)
    Wednesday- 2:50-3:35 (Field Events after School)
    Thursday- 3:45-4:30/Track Meets
    Friday- Off