WELCOME, Panthers!

    Welcome to the enrollment and registration website for the Maypearl ISD 2022-2023 school year! Maypearl ISD registration is completed online through the Ascender Parent Portal website.


    NEW STUDENT PRE-REGISTRATION is open starting May 17th for all grade levels. 


    Pre-K & Kindergarten

    Information can be found here 2022-2023 MPS Pre-K & Kinder Round Up

    New to District Students (students that are not currently enrolled with Maypearl ISD 21-22)

    STEP 1

    Create your Ascender Parent Portal Account

    Please visit the Ascender Parent Portal website to create a new account for NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT
    Maypearl ISD Ascender Parent Portal

    For a Step-by-Step Guide Click HERE 

    1.  From login page, click Create Account.

        *Create user name and password 
        *Enter email address and mobile number 
        *Set up security question

    2.  Log On
    3.  Verify email address

    graphic registration document

    (If you are an existing Maypearl ISD family who needs to register a student NEW to Maypearl ISD, please log in to your Ascender Parent Portal, select my account in the top right corner, then select Enroll a NEW Student).

    From the My Account page, click ENROLL A NEW STUDENT 

    • Complete New Student Enrollment
    • Enter full legal name
    • Obtain and enter enrollment key
    • Enter address and contact information
    • Upload required documents

      Acceptable proof of residency for new in-district students require the following items:

      • A copy of a current (current or previous month) utility bill (electric, gas or water) which shows the current usage on it in parent/guardian name
      • A current lease showing parent/guardian name as lessee or tenant
      • Current closing documents on house in parent/guardian name (within same month) - OR - Current Mortgage Statement (within same month)
      • Ellis County Appraisal District proof of ownership in parent/guardian name

      Please note WE NO LONGER CAN ACCEPT A BUILDING CONTRACT, OR INTENT TO BUILD, or a LETTER FROM A BUILDER AS A VALID PROOF OF RESIDENCE.  Families MUST have established residence with current utilities and closing documents, or mortgage statement in order to enroll or register for school. 

      In addition to proof of residence, parents enrolling new students will need to provide the following documents to complete enrollment and begin school.  You will need:

        • Your student's current immunization (shot) record (view requirements)
        • Student's birth certificate (click here to order)
        • Student's social security card
        • Enrolling parent's driver's license or valid photo ID
        • Last report card for elementary grade level and transcript for secondary grade levels
        • PreK students must be ages 3 or 4 by September 1 and must meet the eligibility requirements and provide documentation.

    4. Complete enrollment forms

     If necessary, click on "save" and continue later. Once you complete it, click "Enroll Student" to submit to the district.

    For in-person registration help, please contact becca.dycus@maypearlisd.org to set up an appointment. A valid email is required and you must have your required documents to complete it.  

    STEP 2

    Email parentportal@maypearlisd.org to obtain your student(s) parent portal code and instructions to complete your student(s) enrollment.

    Once you have your child’s ParentPortal ID you can add your student(s) to your ParentPortal account.

    1. Log on to Ascender ParentPortal. The My Account tab is displayed in the top right corner.
    2. Select Link an Enrolled Student.
    3. On the Link an Enrolled Student screen, type the ParentPortal ID and Birth Date. They must match the student’s record at the campus. If the Portal ID is sent by email, you may copy and paste the information.
    4. Select Add.
    5. Select Save. The student’s name will now be displayed in the student(s) list on the Navigation (menu) screen. 

    STEP 3

    This portion of registration will not be open until July 20th, 2022 to complete. This step is important to complete so that you will get a schedule and teacher assignment.

    Once you have connected your child to your parent portal account, you will be prompted to complete registration. You may be required to upload the two proofs of residency again. This is to ensure we have current documentation on file. Follow each step, (you may have already completed  some of these forms, please verify, confirm and select next. Follow each step, to the final page to complete your student(s) registration. 

    STEP 4 




    ATHLETIC REGISTRATION-Grades 7th-12th 

    BAND REGISTRATION-Grades 7th-12th Grade (coming soon)



    Caution that under Texas Penal Code section 37.10, it is a Class C misdemeanor to tamper with a governmental record (like enrollment documents). Further, under  Texas Education Code section 25.001(h), a person who knowingly falsifies information on an enrollment form is liable to the district if the student is not eligible for enrollment in the district but is enrolled on the basis of false information in the amount of the greater of 1) the maximum tuition fee a district may charge under Texas Education Code section 25.038; or 2) the amount the district has budgeted for each student as maintenance and operating expenses.


    If you have any questions or need assistance, please email becca.dycus@maypearlisd.org