UIL Results

MMS UIL Results

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade competed at Academic UIL on Wednesday, December 5. Below are the results:  

Spelling 6th
Lily Marckwardt = 2nd Place

Spelling 7th
Kiersten Willborn = 1st Place
Maypearl Team = 3rd Place

Spelling 8th
Lee Grundy = 2nd Place
Maypearl Team = 2nd Place

 Chess 5th 
Lucas Babbitt = 3rd

Chess 7th
Chase Cate = 2nd Place
Blaine Crossland and Mark Burress = Tie for 6th
Maypearl Team = 2nd Place

Chess 8th
Jacob Ramirez = 6th

Number Sense 8th
Maypearl Team = 3rd Place

Maps, Graphs, Charts 8th
Lee Grundy = 5th Place

Impromptu Speaking 7th
Hope Ivers  = 1st 

Impromptu Speaking 6th
Sela Willingham= 6th

Mathematics 7th
Blaine Crossland = 3rd place
Maypearl Team = 3rd place