Contact Information Update

Help Us Be Prepared!


Did your phone number change? Do you need to add a new emergency contact?  Keep your contact information up to date through Parent Portal.  Here's how:


1)  Log in to your Parent Portal account. (You must have editing rights to access contact data)
2)  Under your student's name, click on the blue box that says "View/Edit Data."
3)  Click on the green box that says "Contact Information," then hit "Select."
4)  At the top of the page, blue boxes show who is listed as an emergency contact for your student.  If you'd like to edit the information for a contact, just click on the blue box with the contact's name.  At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to mark a contact for deletion or add an additional contact.
5)  Hit submit and the updates are submitted to our campuses immediately!


If you have problems or questions, email Emily Jett at for assistance.