403(b) Retirement Plan Highlights - Universal Availability Notice

The 403(b) Retirement Plan acts very similar to a 401(k) Plan and provides several benefits including:

- Contributions to the plan are held in a governmental retirement account with tax benefits

- Money may be accessed for various reasons. See the attached notice for distribution reasons.

- Contribution limits are much higher than the limits in IRAs.

More information on 403(b) Plans, including a list of Approved Vendors, can be found here: http://www.nbsbenefits.com/non-erisa-403b-forms/

Once you have established an account with a Vendor, please complete the “Salary Reduction Agreement” form indicating how much you would like to contribute.  After that, please return it to the address or fax # provided on the bottom of the form and they will take care of the rest.

Universal Availability Notice 2020.pdf, 431.88 KB; (Last Modified on September 16, 2020)