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Student Registration

*Please note: This portion of Registration is for ALL Returning Students
(students who were enrolled on the last day of the 2023-2024 school year)

STEP 1   

Complete the Student Registration in Ascender Parent Portal
Before Continuing:  

  • The student must already be enrolled in the district.
  • The parent’s email address for the student must already be verified via ParentPortal. *

*You must have already created a ParentPortal account AND verified your email address. (Verifying the email address can be done during the creation of a new account or for an existing account on ParentPortal > My Account (Email Address)). NOTE: The email address MUST match a parent/guardian's email address in the campus's records.

If you need to link your enrolled student, or need assistance with your parent portal account, contact 

Once you log back into parent portal, you will see a summary screen.

  1. From the Summary page, click "Registration"
  2. Click "Start Registration
  3. Complete all forms
    • Registration
    • Update Contacts (be sure there is more than 1 contact for your student (parent/guardian, and who is allowed to pick student(s) up from school.
    • Complete all forms, and be sure to upload current immunization records, and TWO valid proofs of residence:

      Acceptable proof of residency for students requires the following items:

  • A copy of a current (current or previous month) utility bill (electric, gas or water) which shows the current usage on it in parent/guardian name


  • A current lease showing parent/guardian name as lessee or tenant
  • Current closing documents on house in parent/guardian name (within same month) - OR - Current Mortgage Statement (within same month)
  • Ellis County Appraisal District proof of ownership in parent/guardian name

4. Click Next form until you have reviewed and updated all forms.

5. Once finished, click "Finish and submit to District"

6. You will get an email by the end of July requiring you to log back into your parent portal account to review the district documents and policies, and  you will be required to sign  the Annual Acknowledgement and Certification of Compliance form. This will be required to be complete in order to receive your student(s) schedule/teacher assignment. 

REMINDER-All data changes submitted via ParentPortal must be reviewed by the district registrar before the student’s record is confirmed and complete. If incorrect proof of residency is uploaded, the field will be rejected and you will receive an email from Parent Portal to upload correct proof of residency. (mortgage, lease AND utility bill (electric, water or gas))


Step 2

If the following apply to your student(s), please be sure to complete the following application and required registrations.  




BAND REGISTRATION-Grades 7th-12th Grade (coming soon)

Caution that that under Texas Penal Code section 37.10, it is a Class C misdemeanor to tamper with a governmental record (like enrollment documents). Further, under  Texas Education Code section 25.001(h), a person who knowingly falsifies information on an enrollment form is liable to the district if the student is not eligible for enrollment in the district but is enrolled on the basis of false information in the amount of the greater of 1) the maximum tuition fee a district may charge under Texas Education Code section 25.038; or 2) the amount the district has budgeted for each student as maintenance and operating expenses.

If you have questions or need help with online registration, please contact